Pilates Info

Benefits of Pilates
Increases strength and muscle tone; compliments all sports training; conditions efficient patterns of movement making the body less prone to injury; builds stamina; restores posture alignment; tones and builds long, lean muscles without bulk; heightens neuromuscular coordination; boosts efficiency of respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems; improves posture; increases flexibility and range of motion; lowers levels of stress and overall tension; trims and flattens stomach and waist; relieves back pain and joint stress; enhances joint mobility; engages mindfulness.

Joseph Pilates
Joseph Pilates did not intend his system to be “stand alone”, but rather to be a foundation for other activities. It was not a system that was meant to make you dependent upon a trainer or a piece of equipment. It was meant for you to use to strengthen your body so you’d be better able to perform your daily activities and sports. And it became a foundation for anything else you were doing. I think that’s important because people tend to think that if you learn Pilates, then that’s all you do. Many people do find that after learning Pilates, it provides them with everything they need so they don’t choose to do anything else – and that’s fine too. However, Pilates was a very active man and wanted all people to be active and efficient in their activities. That was the foundation of Pilates.