What is Reformer Pilates?
Reformer Pilates is a method of exercise that focuses on stretching and strengthening core muscles (stomach and back) and the muscles that attach to the core (shoulders and hips). These exercises are performed on a machine called the Reformer.

How is this different from training with weights?
The Pilates Reformer uses “spring resistance” which is called “progressive resistance.” Rather than the resistance remaining constant, as it would when lifting weights, the resistance increases as the springs are moved and vice versa.

Will Reformer Pilates bulk up my muscles?
No. The Reformer method creates long lean muscles by working the muscles to the fullest extension and lengthening the spine.

Do I have to wait a day or more before I exercise again?
No. Unlike weight training the Pilates Reformer does not tear down muscle tissue; it elongates muscle and the spine, and focuses on core control.

Is Pilates Reformer for men?
Yes. Reformer Pilates is especially helpful to men, because males have a tendency to be weak in their core and are less flexible.

Do I have to be a certain age or fitness level to do Pilates?
No. The Pilates Reformer is for any age or fitness level.